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Target Accounting x Prospa

Target Accounting is now collaborating with Prospa, an exciting financial services company that shares many of Target Accounting’s values. With truly unique small business solutions tailored for the local market, Prospa is now unleashing the potential of small businesses all over New Zealand.

What is Prospa and How Is It Used as a Cash Flow Solution?

Prospa is a financial services company that offers accessible small business loans from between NZD $5,000 to NZD $150,000. With its commitment to stress-free processes and seamless financial management, Prospa has revolutionised the NZ small business loan market. It can take small business applicants as little as ten minutes to complete their application, and lending decisions can be finalised within the day. Once approved, the funds can be transferred into the applicant’s account as soon as the very next day. 

Small businesses that need cash to expand, cover emergencies, or seize new opportunities during peak seasons like the holidays will find Prospa to be one of the best and most hassle-free options for optimising their cash flow.

Why Do Target Accounting and Kiwi Small Businesses Trust Prospa?

Both Target Accounting and small businesses in NZ place their trust in Prospa because of their commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and small business success. Its speedy application and deliberation processes—which means the possibility of securing funding within just hours—make Prospa a reliable choice for Kiwi businesses seeking dependable yet agile financial solutions.

How Could Prospa Help Your Small Business? 3 Use Cases

Whether it's by accelerating funding with quick decisions, offering flexible loan payments, or providing dedicated support through the organisation’s highly capable Business Lending Specialists, Prospa offers solutions tailored to your business’s unique requirements.


Here are a few use cases that demonstrate what Prospa’s done and can do for small businesses in NZ:

1. Accelerated Funding

Prospa ensures quick decisions, which provides businesses with the financial support they need within hours. This fast turnaround is especially critical for businesses with limited overhead, particularly in a financial environment where most banks and other lending institutions are infamous for their prolonged decision-making processes.


Damian Wyatt, a Prospa client and owner of a once-struggling equipment hire business, says: “When I see an offer that’s too good to refuse, I need to be able to tell the salesperson that I can have the money to them within a few hours. You can’t do that with a bank.”

2. Flexible Lending Products

Through Prospa, qualified businesses can choose from a range of lending products that perfectly match their unique needs. Better yet: flexible payments and conditions are available on all Prospa lending products.


This kind of financial flexibility matters. Clients Alefiah and Rohit Tolani used Prospa’s flexible loans as a strategic way to smooth out their cash flow issues, and sustainably expanding their cake shop business Buttercream during the pandemic. Alefiah notes, “It’s just good to have the security that if we do need it, we can get a loan to keep us stable and floating.”

3. Dedicated Support

Lending Specialists to offer personalised assistance to its clients. Prospa’s Business Lending Specialists are all about getting to know your business and providing the kind of ongoing support it needs at any given time. More importantly, they’re ready to give your business the fair shake it deserves.


Jeannine McCallum, owner of the wine sales distribution company The Invisible Agency, is no stranger to having to do things on her own, fully expecting to be rejected when she first phoned Prospa. She says, “When I finally called and was greeted so warmly, it felt strangely nice… Then when I was told they could probably help me and how simple it was to upload my bank statements in real time, I was slightly dumbfounded. I had the funds in less than four hours.”


The financial support didn’t end there. Jeannine was later able to refinance her loan to pay employee wages and suppliers, as well as purchase a new business vehicle. This ultimately gave her more freedom to develop Cognoscente Wine Workshop, a new venture aimed at local wineries and distributors.

Which Prospa Options Are the Best for Your Business?

From small business loans to business lines of credit, Prospa offers a variety of lending products aligned to meet the different needs of different NZ businesses.


Here are the Prospa options that you can consider for your own business:

This product offers your business up to NZD 100,000 for unexpected expenses or a one-off purchase. It’s ideal for specific purposes, such as for meeting payroll obligations or covering critical equipment purchases.

This option grants your business a loan amount between NZD 100,000 and NZD 500,000 to support expansion and capitalise on growth opportunities.

Securing a line of credit allows your business to tap into ongoing, flexible funds between NZD 2,000 and NZD 150,000 to help you effortlessly manage cash flow fluctuations.

Plan the Future of Your Business with Prospa and Target Accounting

Discover today how Prospa and Target Accounting can help you plan your Kiwi business’s financial future. Thanks to Prospa’s focus on simplicity, speed, and customer support—paired with Target Accounting’s dedication to small business success—you’ll be well-placed to make strategic financial decisions and run your business with a confident and clear-headed approach!

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