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Comprehensive Accounting Services for Business Success

Welcome to Target Accounting, your trusted partner for comprehensive accounting services in Dunedin and beyond. As expert accountants, we're here to provide realistic and timely solutions to all sized businesses, help seize opportunities, manage risk and adapt to the ever-shifting demands of their industries. 

Taxation Services.

We can help you get control of your tax compliance, file your IRD returns, GST, Income Tax, PAYE, or show you how to. We will work with you to manage all your tax compliance with the IRD ensuring filing with ease, work in with your style.


Whether it’s for the bank or just planning, using current and historic data to forecast the future, we will help you set budgets and establish forecasting models to estimate expected revenues and returns to help you with your direction.   

Management Reporting.

Establishing KPI’s to monitor performance against budgets and past trading, monitory results of changes and growth. Every business is unique, management reporting is personalise for your requirement.

HR Services.

We offer all HR support to help you manage your team, from establishing Employment Contracts, discussing systems to the best from your team, working through difficulties of restructures, we are there to help you work through your employment issues including working in with your lawyer on such matters. 

Payroll Processing.

Establishing which payroll system is best for your business and staff, filing PAYE returns, issuing pay slips, managing holiday pay. Sometimes it just working out how to pay yourself, we can process your payroll or help you get establish, we are there when help is required. 

Company Formations/Structures.

When going into business its important to get the right structure from the start, to help protect yourself from risks, and having the right entity to best manage your business and taxes. We can advise on such matters, completed company formations, help file annual company office returns, or show you how to do!

Software Solutions.

Xero, MYOB, Excel, Payroll software. there are many ways to record your data for Accounting and filing  purposes, working out the best cost efficiency system and ensuring you have timely information that works for your and as your business change, we have the knowledge. 

Business Planning.

It’s often said “to achieve business success you need to plan for success”. Understanding yours goals, discussing and documenting your plan is all good business practice. As you prepare you business plan we can assist with the financial model and be the sounding board to help you on your joinery.   

Improving Profitability.

We understand numbers, can help identify profitability and assist you with monitoring  Key Performance indicators to help you understand what is driving your business to help you improve profitability

Family Trust Formations & Reporting

Working in with your lawyer we can help you understand the benefits of a Family Trust, how to structure to help give you maximin protection and minimise compliance costs for annual reporting. Trusts are very benefaction and are part of long-term planning,  and getting the right advice is key to using them correctly.

IRD Audit Assistance.

We will work with you on all IRD matters, as a registered tax agency we can communicate on your behalf with IRD, support you at meetings, attend to all audit requirements, help you understanding of the tax system and ongoing changes.

Reviews: Clubs & Societies.

Are you a small club that needs to have your annual financials reviewed for grant applications? Need help in preparing your groups financials in the correct format for filing with Incorporated Societies register? We can help with such with a focus of keeping compliance uncomplicated.

Relationships / Working with Key Parties.

A bit part of any business is having good relationships with key players in your business and all working as a team to help ensure you the best results. We understand relationships are key and work in with your Lawyer, Banker, Mortgage Broker, Business Coach and insurance Broker. Communication is the key!

Accounting Services

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