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Mosgiel City

Target's Strategic Business Advisory for Growth and Success

Our expert business advisory team cultivates reliable, long-term partnerships. We invest time to understand you, your business, and your customers, ensuring a deep grasp of your requirements and goals. 


Functioning as an extension of your business, we deliver the knowledge and confidence necessary for informed decisions at the opportune moment. Our services extend to both local and national businesses, catering to enterprises of all sizes.

Business Advice.

Our focus is to be approachable so you have the confidence to discuss all areas of your business and goals to ensure you get the right advice. The best decisions are a team effort.

Business Structuring.

Getting your structure right from the start is important, for protection of your assets, managing the flow of income/profits and avoiding costly changes. Planning for success starts with the structure, we can help you though this process, a sole trader my work for a company owned by Trusts, we have the expertise in these areas.

Ongoing Support & Guidance.

As your business advisory partner, Target is always there for you. Lean on us for the right advice at the right time.

Business Start-up.

Starting with an idea leads to questions on how to establish, best way to finance, when to make the move. These are daily conversations we help clients with, we want to know more and would love to chat.

Growth Focused.

Our success is measured by your success. Our growth mindset focuses on getting your business to where you envision it, a team effort.

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