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4 Reasons your Growing Business needs to focus on HR

HR is often understood as ‘managing people’ – but really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

HR is one of the best resources of any business – big or small. They play a critical role in employing people, updating policies, completing payroll, and helping to create an enjoyable workplace environment for everyone. All of these play a huge part in the success of your business!

Here’s 4 (out of 40) ways that HR can help your small business:

HR is more than just the tip of the iceberg

It’s simple – how your employees perform ultimately determines how your business performs.


Every business should make it a priority to create an environment where there is a continuous conversation between employees and managers about how the business is performing at the surface level. Outsourcing someone with expertise in HR management will come in and create a performance management system that is unique to your business to help start those conversations, but more importantly how to respond and plan for any changes that need to be made.

#1 Performance Management

We’ve already established that the success of your business is ultimately down to your employees, so as a business owner – wouldn’t you want to have the best of the best?


A key part of a successful business is the skills and knowledge of your employees – the more they know and the more of that knowledge that can be applied means the better your business will perform. This is even more crucial for smaller businesses that have limited resources; upskilling your staff across several roles will help you until you’re able to hire the additional staff you need. An HR professional can come in and guide you in the best courses, conferences, or workshops to upskill your team. (Your employees will even thank you for putting in the extra time to help them grow!)

#2: Employee development

Did we already mention that your employees help determine the success of your business? We have? Oh good! Well, when you’re ready to expand your team, an HR professional can help save you time and energy in finding the right candidate for the job and put processes in place to set them up for success from day dot!


The hiring process is a big task, it’s all about first impressions – both for the interviewees AND you (you want them to want to work for you!). An HR professional can help you identify the values, vision, and culture you want to showcase when recruiting and guide you on what the right questions are to ask in the interview – creating a more streamlined and less stressful recruitment process!


The recruitment process doesn’t stop there folks! A key step overlooked by many businesses is the onboarding process for new employees – this can make or break their future with your business. An HR professional can help guide you in the best training procedures to welcome your new employee to the team, so they feel supported, know exactly what is expected of them, and making them feel confident in their role moving forward.

#3 Recruitment & Onboarding

As a business owner, you’ll often be faced with obstacles or risks that could impact your business internally or externally – and it’s best not to ignore these but act and prepare sooner than later.


Risks can be anything – from employee behaviour to compliance with laws and regulations. An HR professional will help to identify any potential risks to your business and create a plan to reduce them or avoid them altogether! Pretty neat, huh!

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#4 Risk Mitigation

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