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Could your accountant be doing MORE for your business?

When people think about the world of accounting, we find that 99.99% of people stumble at what our role as accountants actually entails There is this common misconception, more

often than not, that accountants do things, and three things ONLY:

  1. Manage the books

  2. Help with GST

  3. And some random bits and bobs with the IRD or whatever

At Target Accounting, we're on a mission to not only shatter but OBLITERATE that myth into smithereens. What do we mean? Let’s just say it’s time to ‘think beyond tax’

Here’s what we mean.

Most new clients we deal with opt to use us for those three things we mentioned above, and that’s it. Now it might be because they don’t like us very much OR they don’t know the SPECTRUM of services we offer . To make this easier, let’s go through some likely scenarios that can happen to a business owner such as yourself  


1. Free doesn’t always mean better

For the sake of this example, imagine you own a bustling furniture business, where we handle your accounts, and sprinkle in some GST consultations occasionally . NOW, think about that hiccup you’ve got with a new employee eight months in – a contract glitch you didn't see coming from that free employee contract template you found on Google Who's your go-to for friendly HR advice? Ahhh… bet you wouldn’t have thought Target Accounting, right?

2. Woe is Me!

How about this then picture a scenario where your business is BOOMING , but the invoicing side is becoming a bit of a headache, you’re struggling to keep up, you begin to get stressed, and you start to work later and LATER . You jump online and Google throws a MILLION software options your way, and it's overwhelming. Who not only helps you pick the perfect solution but also ensures it fits seamlessly into your day-to-day? Yep, that's us – Target Accounting

3. When disaster strikes!

Let’s say you’ve been riding the growth wave for three solid years..


Now, over the last 12 months, you’ve hit a rough patch. Income is slipping, unpaid bills are starting to pile up, and staff need to still be paid - it's a challenging time Is there ANYONE out there that can offer personalised business advice, restructure my financial landscape, and help me understand my woes and work through a solution!? Two words - Target Accounting

Think BEYOND the tax - get it now?

At Target Accounting, 'Think Beyond Tax' isn't just a catchphrase; it’s our new philosophy We’ve realised it’s the core of our business, because like your business and what we do as accountants, there SO MUCH MORE than just numbers . BUT - it’s beyond those numbers that people often forget about or don’t know who to turn to. 

Your job now - is to ask what more we can do for your business and we’ll take care of the rest


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