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The Role Accountants Play in Modernising Small Business Finances

Updated: Apr 23

Everybody wants an accountant when their taxes are due. However, not everyone considers what accountants can do at other times of the year.

Despite what you may think, accountants these days do more than just run audits and help with tax compliance. New Zealand-based accountants can also provide measured guidance that helps Kiwi small businesses reach their next level of growth.

Indeed, it’s hard to modernise any business operation without the help of qualified small business accountants. Here’s a feature on why that’s the case and what difference the services of a competent accountant can make.

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What Do Accountants Bring to the Table?

Aside from the usual bookkeeping, expense management, and tax audits, many accountants can also make tailored financial recommendations that match specific business goals. Some accounting firms even specialise in providing financial support for small businesses that are sensitive to the latter’s unique needs. Entrepreneurs who want to bring their operations into the financially complex world of e-commerce can also benefit from the advice that knowledgeable accounting firms offer.

If you want to strengthen your business’ finances, be sure to go with small business accounting Dunedin entrepreneurs depend on. Below are some ways that qualified accountants can modernise and elevate your own operations:

1) Financial Data Management

Once your business reaches a certain size, managing your finances will begin to take up a huge chunk of your time, potentially impacting your ability to grow your operations. Engaging with qualified small business accountants ensures the efficient and, more importantly, properly contextualised handling of your financial data, ensuring better decision-making. The resulting improvements in financial visibility and time savings can then, over time, be parlayed into sustainably growing your business.

2) Reporting and Analysis

Great accountants will do more than just keep your records for you—they can offer actionable recommendations that will positively impact your operations. They’ll be able to draw insights from your financial data that may not necessarily be obvious to you, providing you with valuable perspectives not just in your finances, but in other business areas as well.

Not all accountants are necessarily capable of providing this kind of service, as it requires specific industry knowledge and a mastery of data management tools, as well as some rare soft skills. For the best results, choose firms that specialise in small business accounting services Dunedin-based organisations trust.

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3) Risk Mitigation

In the case of small businesses, accountants are invaluable for navigating tax laws, labour laws, and other industry-specific regulations that could easily be overlooked. They can also set up robust internal systems that safeguard your operations from fraud, errors, and other financial irregularities. Together, these services help enhance your business’s credibility while also protecting it from excessive legal and regulatory expenses.

However, not all accountants are necessarily cut out to do all of that for you. You need to hire accounting firms that have intimate knowledge of the challenges faced by small businesses within a given jurisdiction. This way, you can rest assured that the advice and solutions you’re getting are always relevant to the way you run your business.

4) Growth Planning

If they have experience working with a variety of small businesses, accountants can develop tailored growth strategies that also coincide with your goals and values. Importantly, they will be capable of properly contextualising your business’s needs and help you avoid blindly adhering to so-called “best practices” that may not necessarily work for you.

5) Cost Optimisation

Cost-cutting can do more harm than good if it compromises quality or hampers your long-term business goals. The right accountants go beyond simple expense analysis to provide recommendations that are meaningful beyond the short term. Typically, you’ll want to engage with accountants who have experience with your industry so that you can maximise the potential gains from your cost optimisation efforts.

6) Technology Recommendations

Accountants can take you beyond ad hoc Excel spreadsheets and recommend better tools for your day-to-day financial data management. This can be a huge deal, given the confusing glut of accounting software solutions out there on the market. Once they’re familiar with your operations, your accountant should be able to recommend an easily integrated mix of solutions that are tailored to the way you do business.

Again, specialised small business accounting firms are your best shot at getting the right-sized solutions for your unique operational needs. These firms will have had experience with a range of different solutions from their engagements with various small businesses, making them a credible source for tech recommendations.

Choose the Right Accountants for Your Small Business

All accountants can crunch numbers and do audits, but it takes specialisation to consistently deliver the services small businesses need to grow. Accountants who are familiar with your market and understand how small businesses work can be a serious asset, providing your business with the insights it needs to grow sustainably.

With a team like that of Target Accounting at your side, your business will be primed to manoeuvre today’s complex financial landscapes with full confidence and to stay on the mark with regard to its long-term financial objectives. Contact the people at Target Accounting today to learn more about how we can help you modernise your small business finances.


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