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Mosgiel city in South Island Otago

Tailored advice for your people

Our team is here to provide a comprehensive HR support system for your business. 

We offer a tailored advice to help you with the fun, and not so fun, parts of managing and leading people.

HR Policies & Advice.

Employment contracts, develop your company culture, employees understanding expectations, guidance and tools to help manage your team, meeting your legal obligations as an employer, these are areas we can discuss and help you with resources and processed.

Induction Planning.

From the day you decide to take on your first employee to their start day, we can help you work through the process of planning to ensure all legal requirements are taken care of, setting up for employee handbooks & manuals, what is required for health & safety, we can help you throughout the process.

Training & Planning.

Culture, management, ongoing training all affects your business, people are your biggest resource and investment, valuing and understanding this will go a long way to the successful management of your business.

Career & Succession Planning.

As a business owner you will have a plan from day one, as you travel your journey you will need to start thinking of succession planning. When will you sell your business or just retire and leave the business providing you a passive return. In order to achieve this,  what does your team need to look like, who do you need to train up to take over or move into your role. Planning for this point helps ensure your end result is as your planned!

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