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International Client Services

Moving or returning to New Zealand? Considering Investments? At Target we have the experience and networks to help you with interests here in New Zealand.  


Living in New Zealand and need to file an overseas tax return? We can help NZ residents and work with their overseas accountant to help with filing requirements.

Moving to NZ

If  you are looking at moving to New Zealand and going to establish a business, we can introduce you to an immigration lawyer and work as part of that team to work though the requirements, the establish of the appropriate structure and everything else that comes with having a business or investments in New Zealand.

Investing in NZ

Are you an Australian or Singapore Citizen and looking at investments in New Zealand? We can help you with your NZ based assets, from the establishment of the correct entity, working with the lawyer, to the ongoing management and compliance requirements.

From other parts of the world, keen to talk to see if we can assist.

USA Tax Returns:

Over the years we have assisted a number of USA citizen who are NZ residents attend to their USA filing requirements, it may consists of helping forward the relevant information to the USA accountant, or we may be able to file the returns from here. We are keen to chat and see how we can assist.

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